Audio-Technica floats Bryan Ferry's boat

During an extensive tour that will see him play headline shows and festivals across Europe and the US, Bryan Ferry is relying on Audio-Technica AE6100 hypercardioid dynamic microphones to deliver his distinctive vocals. And there is plenty more Audio-Technica kit in tow for his superb 10-piece backing band.

Monitoring duties for this tour are handled by Allen & Heath’s dLive S Class mixing system, which is distributed in the UK by Audio-Technica; and according to monitor engineer, Tom Howat, the A-T mics have been ticking all the boxes.

"The AE6100 made a great impression on Bryan as soon as we started using it in rehearsals," Howat reveals. "He loved the sound of it - which is almost condenser-like in its openness - but because of the hypercardioid pickup pattern, it minimises on-stage spill. We’re using two AE6100s: one for Bryan's main vocal, and one at his keyboard position; and it's proven to be an excellent choice."

Howat and co. are also using Audio-Technica ATM350a cardioid condenser mics for toms and saxophones:

"We have soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxes – and they sound very full, but also very natural on everything. We love those mics, and the drum mounts in particular are fantastic."

Supplied by Britannia Row Productions in Europe and Clair Bros in the USA, Howat’s dLive system comprises a S5000 Surface with DM64 MixRack, DX32 Expander Rack, and two IP8 controllers for remote access. Howat has used dLive on previous tours, including Paolo Nutini and Morrissey.

"The dLive delivers clarity and precision,” Howat says. “Mixing in-ear monitors for a 10-piece band comprising some very well-known and experienced musicians requires a monitor desk that will deliver a detailed, full sound. dLive’s built-in compression and FX make a huge contribution towards achieving this, along with plenty of scenes - 50+ and counting!

"I'm using Dimension Chorus on the acoustic guitars, and Bryan’s monitor mix requires constant, active mixing throughout each song at a very detailed level. He really does have an outstanding ear for the songs' musical arrangements, and dLive is really helping me deliver this.”

Bryan Ferry's tour continues on August 3rd in Denver, Colorado, then moves across North America before heading back across the Atlantic for shows in Russia and Estonia.

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