Inside d&b audiotechnik's new CPO programme

New Haven’s Westville Music Bowl, formerly the CT Tennis Center on the Yale University campus, recently installed the first ever d&b audiotechnik CPO (Certified Pre-Owned) J-Series as part of its green initiative. And according to Donnie Gamsjager, president of DNR Laboratories of Watertown, the company behind the installation, the system is delivering on all fronts.

The bowl is the first arena in the world to utilize d&b’s recently launched re-manufactured CPO program with a J-Series loudspeaker system. The initiative is intended to extend the life of a rider-friendly system, while conserving natural resources and reducing waste. The remanufacturing process returns a used product to at least its original standard.

“We wanted a green initiative using repurposed speaker products,” Gamsjager tells Headliner, explaining the decision process behind the installation. “The CPO series was a part of our green initiative at the venue. And the product is also a proven touring sound system that has heavy name recognition. The CPO program allows venues to acquire a system that has a track record of performance, is on or below budget and has been factory restored to practically new. When the CPO J-Series arrived we had a hard time telling it was ever used. The paint job, new hardware, new connections and pristine front grill was fantastic. The fact it comes with a warranty is a plus and gives the customer peace of mind.”

The complete system features 28 CPO J8/J12s (14 per side), 12 Y8 (outfills – six per side), eight Ti10Ps (front fills), and eight SL-GSUBs. Amplifiers are 30D installation models for all of the loudspeaker systems except for the subwoofers, which are powered by D80 amplifiers. Meanwhile, a dedicated computer running d&b R1 Control software is in use to handle control of audio distribution of the entire system.

“I am very proud that Westville Music Bowl is the first venue globally to take advantage of d&b's world leading CPO program, especially since it was developed for venues just like them – environmentally conscious with a commitment to providing the best experience for their audience members,” Amnon Harman, d&b CEO, told Headliner. “d&b is deeply committed to ensure the sustainability of the world’s resources and a reduced carbon footprint. The CPO program was born from our ongoing dedication to this cause. The newly remanufactured J-Series system will give the Westville Music Bowl many years of continued reliable service while contributing to their goals as a green venue.”

The first show to use the system was for rock band Gov’t Mule, with most of the season events pre-sold out. A number of shows have since been held at the venue.

“We’ve done five shows over two weekends at Westville,” concludes production manager Tim Burke, “and I have to say I am thrilled with the performance of the J-Series rig.”