‘Powerful’ Martin Audio TORUS and CDD system chosen for new UK venue

Birmingham’s new German-themed Albert’s Schloss music venue has been equipped with a “powerful” new Martin Audio TORUS and CDD audio system.

Named after Prince Albert, the second unit in Birmingham - following the opening in Manchester – the venue is located on a large new-build footprint, which is part of the city’s Paradise Forum development.

Integrator Richard Anderson of Pro Technical (UK), who had worked with directors of the operating company, Mission Mars, recommended the Martin Audio TORUS constant curvature array, combined with a CDD solution.

“These venues are solid entertainment venues,” said Anderson. “Therefore, they wanted a powerful array for the stage but also something that would fit within the budget. Martin Audio is a reputable brand and we have used CDD many times over the past 10 years.”

TORUS was suggested as a nearfield solution for the stage in the vast beer hall, which hosts a wide range of live bands seven nights a week, as well as DJs and background music during its all-day trading hours.

Anderson mixed pairs of TORUS T1230 (30° vertical dispersion) and T1215 (15° vertical dispersion) constant curvature arrays in stacks either side of the stage, with Martin Audio’s proprietary DISPLAY software optimisation and manual horizontal dispersion adjustability, providing tailored medium throw coverage across the width in front of the stage.

Both TORUS models also feature a 12” driver, but the low end is enhanced via four SX118 (single 18” subs) set under the stage, with the 550-strong audience further down the hall immersed in a sound field created by 24 coaxial differential dispersion CDD10s.

Upstairs is Ludwig’s Tavern, which is named after former Bavarian king Ludwig II. This exclusive area, where customers can play shuffleboard, takes a feed off of the main system downstairs but also has its own independent DJ plug-in point. This is served by six CDD6 and a Martin Audio SX210.

The entire system is powered by a combination of Martin Audio iKON iK42 and VIA5004 amplifiers, and was commissioned by Martin Audio’s Nigel Meddemmen, who also provided design support.

“The client is ecstatic and we’re now looking forward to adopting a similar model in Liverpool,” said Richard Anderson.

Mission Mars Group Property director, Godfrey Russell,” also added. “The Martin Audio system has provided Albert’s Schloss with a great sound; we are really happy with the result.”