Marty Wilde Opens Up In Exclusive Headliner Documentary

Headliner is proud to present Wilde Ones, the first full-length Headliner documentary which is an exclusive insight into the life and times of '50s rock and roll icon Marty Wilde.

This year Marty broke records as the first ever British artist to release charting albums across eight decades. His latest album Running Together is a real family affair with his youngest daughter Roxy on lead vocals for the majority of the record and eldest daughter Kim on backing vocals.

We talk to the Wilde family about the creative process as Marty shares some hilarious rock and roll stories, and gives us a world-first: a live acoustic performance.

Also in this episode of The Hub is our Aspiring Headliner section, where we chat to super-talented touring artist Zoee about life during lockdown and her musical inspiration.

Having already performed at the CMAs and headlined countless music festivals, the Australian-born singer-songwriter is one of the most exciting alternative country/Americana/pop artists to hit the UK country music scene.

Meanwhile, Hoosiers frontman Irwin Sparkes talks about the direction he’s taking with his new alias: White Tail Falls, and performs for us live from his home studio.

In our Spotlight review section, we test out Peluso's P-280 condenser mic at Headliner HQ and revisit the classic Sonnox Inflator with a unique musical twist.

We also chat to alt-J manager Stephen Taverner and FOH engineer Lance Reynolds about the band's evolution, and how immersive audio has transformed their live shows. Check out our video podcast that captures the voice of the freelancer within the live events sector: sound and lighting engineers and riggers, all of whom find themselves without work for the foreseeable.

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