NAGYEDi becomes first Hungarian artist to sell NFTs

London-based artist NAGYEDi will release her new single Out Of This World as an NFT (non-fungible token), making her the first Hungarian artist to embrace the format.

The digital track will be available on all streaming platforms from May 16. However, fans and art collectors can already access the song as part of a limited edition NFT digital pack.

The NFT version of the release was made available on May 9th to coincide with Mother’s Day, which is celebrated in many countries on that date, with the single directly addressing themes of birth and NAGYEDi's own experiences of becoming a mother.

“I am always playing with new ideas and the NFT market provides a unique opportunity for artists to connect with their fans,” she explained. “Hopefully the blockchain technology will give an alternative way to shake up the industry.”

Out of This World is the second single in which NAGYEDi not only appears as a songwriter and lyricist, but also as producer. Mixing and mastering duties were conducted by Cubico Sound, and Pav Pav - Edi’s husband - also responsible for the visual artwork.

The new song is only available as a NFT for the week between May 9-16th. Eleven unique artworks are on sale with the single, each one for 0.011 ETH (Ethereum), worth about £30. Fans can also find behind the scenes photos – one of them on auction – that won’t be shared anywhere else.