Neve unveils 1073SPX-D Channel Strip Digital Audio Interface

Neve has announced the newest addition to its outboard lineup: the 1073SPX-D. By merging the renowned 1073 preamp with a robust digital audio interface, featuring USB and ADAT connectivity, Neve has produced the world's first genuine 1073 interface.

The SPX-D’s digital interface offers versatile functionality, catering to a multitude of workflows. Musicians can connect the 1073SPX-D directly to a PC/Mac, streamlining the process with a simple ‘plug & play’ setup. Additionally, the 1073SPX-D acts as an ADAT audio expander for existing audio interfaces, allowing home studio users to integrate a complete 1073 channel strip into their setup with ease.

Meanwhile, the 1073SPX-D combines class-A circuit design with pristine AD/DA conversion technology derived from Neve’s popular range of converters.

The 1073SPX-D is a natural evolution of our analogue and digital circuit designs. Robin Porter, chief engineer at AMS Neve

"The 1073SPX-D is a natural evolution of our analogue and digital circuit designs,” said Robin Porter, chief engineer at AMS Neve. “After extensive research, it became clear that there was no single device that can handle both the analogue processing and digital conversion capabilities that the 1073SPX-D now offers in a single rackmount unit. Now, small home studio setups, or artists on the road can access the famed 1073 sound directly from their desktop or laptop computer, without the need for additional equipment.

“When our team began development of the 1073SPX-D, a no compromise approach to circuit design was applied throughout, ensuring that the 1073SPX-D remains true to the Neve name, and delivers the sound quality that our customers demand”.

The 1073SPX-D is priced at £2,295 / $2,995. Read the full feature spec here.