New Korg Drumlogue ‘a paradigm shift for drum machines’

Korg has released its first ever hybrid drum machine Drumlogue, which it describes as a paradigm shift for the market.

Drumlogue is designed to combine analogue quality with the flexibility and convenience of digital technology, offering users a heavy-duty dynamic sequencer, powerful effects, and intuitive controls.

It features completely new analogue circuitry from acclaimed Korg engineer Junichi Ikeuchi (ARP 2600 M, MS-20 Mini, ARP Odyssey). New analogue circuits for bass drum, snare drum, low tom and high tom provide a solid foundation, and elevate tracks with harmonic richness and a thick low end.

Meanwhile, it has seven digital parts: six sample-based and one Multi Engine-based. The sample-based parts can play a wide selection of pre-loaded PCM samples alongside imported user samples. These can be loaded into Drumlogue by connecting to a computer via USB and simply dragging and dropping into its main memory.

In addition, Korg’s popular Multi Engine from Minilogue XD has been further enhanced: in addition to Variable Phase Modulation (VPM) and Noise generator engines, the Multi Engine in Drumlogue features a new user slot able to play fully-fledged synth voices, designed to provide vast sonic possibilities never before heard on a drum machine.

With a wide range of I/O, Drumlogue can be integrated seamlessly with the user’s rig. A USB-A port supports connectivity with USB MIDI class-compliant devices, meaning volumes can be controlled with the faders on a nanoKONTROL 2, or sounds triggered by the pads on a nanoPAD 2.

Four individual outputs are available, in addition to headphone and main L/R. Any part can be assigned to any output, allowing for expanded routing versatility with external processing and multi-track integration. Drumlogue easily syncs with other gear via the MIDI in/out, sync in/out, or via USB MIDI.

At the heart of Drumlogue is a 64-step sequencer, making it easy to create complex patterns and polyrhythms. Numerous features are available including per-step probability, per-step alternate trigger patterns, per-step micro-offsets, per-track groove patterns and more.

Chain mode aims to make creating long and interesting patterns simple, while In loop mode you can switch between several variations to play sequences in new and interesting ways. The Motion and Accent recording functions are fast and intuitive, and if you want to try new things on your track, there is a randomisation function to help.

Drumlogue offers effects across three categories that can be used simultaneously: delay, reverb and master effects. The send amounts for delay and reverb effects are set independently, with multiple return points also available. Master effects add that final polish to the sound and can be bypassed on a per-part basis, meaning it’s possible to send the effect to specific audio parts. A sidechain bus is also available to the master effects section.

Furthermore, custom synths can be built to not only generate sound, but can also draw on built-in filters, LFOs, MIDI controlled polyphony and other parameters. Plus, Korg has collaborated with plugin developer Sinevibes to create a brand new synth plugin for Drumlogue: Nano. This exclusive plugin explores the power behind the newly expanded Multi Engine and provides an initial taste of the platform.

Nano is a full-fledged virtual analogue synth with an array of features and customisable parameters. The synth engine has dual oscillators with optional ring modulation, a four-pole state-variable filter with soft clipping distortion, built-in EG and built-in multi-waveform LFO.