New SSL Sourcerer plugin ‘removes unwanted sound and brings greater clarity’

Solid State Logic (SSL) has expanded its FX plugins catalogue with Sourcerer – a new plugin designed to remove unwanted ambient sound, feedback, and stage bleed, while adding greater sonic clarity.

Sourcerer has been designed to quickly target specific sounds and remove them in a natural way, while retaining the original characteristics of the original source. The new plugin is available in VST, VST, AU, AXX formats and as part of the SSL and Slate Digital Complete Access Bundle.

Suitable for use in studio, post-production, and live sound environments, Sourcerer is able to conjure up a clean sound while maintaining the original characteristics of the audio source. With a wealth of frequency-dependent expansion, filtering and sidechain controls, users can summon Sourcerer to target unwanted sounds while imparting clarity and presence to the signal's primary source.

Featuring adjustable Threshold, Time, and Depth settings, Sourcerer can be adapted to fit various scenarios such as a concert recording, an instrument captured with multiple microphones recorded in the studio, a broadcast panel, or film dialogue.

Jon Sandman, SSL plugin product manager, commented: “Sourcerer is yet another display of SSL’s legacy in digital audio processing in a variety of production environments. It’s a utility tool that helps producers and engineers provide a simple and effective solution to removing unwanted noise."

Originally developed for the SSL Live console range, Sourcerer is already in use by some of the world’s top live sound engineers on projects by The Killers, Sam Smith, Peso Pluma and others. The software can be used for a range of applications such as isolating lead vocals, increasing headroom, removing mic bleed, and more. This marks the first time that the plugin is being made available outside of one of SSL’s high-performance large-format consoles and in your DAW.

Sourcerer is available as a standalone plug-in or as part of SSL Complete, which is included in the ‘Complete Access Bundle’ dual subscription - alongside every Slate Digital plug-in - for $14.99 p/month. Find out more here.

For more information, to access a free trial of Sourcerer, or a trial of Complete Access, please visit the SSL eStore