QSC Aspiring Interview: Nównøis’ ‘Golden Gray’ asks: “why are we afraid of showing our true faces?”

London-based singer, songwriter and producer NAGYEDi has released the first single from her new project, Nównøis, named Golden Gray. The single is a collaboration with fellow Hungarian trip-hop artist, Levente Fegyverneky.

The two artists have been friends for more than 20 years, and collaborated on Golden Gray after being both inspired by the question: why are we afraid of showing our true faces?

The two songwriters, lyricists and producers have been supporters of each other’s music and artistic missions since secondary school, so a collaboration seemed inevitable.

“At the time we met, trip-hop was considered a new genre, and we couldn’t easily define what we heard, but felt a deep connection to that music,” shares Fegyverneky. 

“No surprise, it had a huge impact on how we have been expressing ourselves ever since. We can also clearly see that it takes a lot of courage to make music that does not serve the freshest trends.”

It takes a lot of courage to make music that does not serve the freshest trends.

The downtempo track broaches questions about honesty and decision-making in a metaphorical way. The idea originated from Fegyverneky, however found that it’s one of the subjects that Nównøis is also keen to explore.

The artist – formerly known as NAGYEDi – has collaborated with producers around the globe, but has an inner calling to step into her full power and produce her own music.

“As Nównøis, one of my missions is to exclusively collaborate with artists who share the same values,” she explains. “Levente has always been one of them. Our track, Golden Gray is deep and melancholic, therefore the perfect single to kick off with, showing what people can expect from me.”