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Headliner's Ones To Watch: Tom Speight

For a number of years, UK singer/songwriter Tom Speight has been exploring the world of warm acoustic/folk/pop tracks. With two albums already complete, could a third potentially be looming around the corner?

Speight’s 2019 debut album Collide was a beautiful introduction, and truly showed the world what he had to offer. Then came the pristine warmth of Everything’s Waiting For You, solidifying his name in pop notoriety and proving the hype he garnered from his first album.

“Sonically, it’s much more ambitious than Collide,” Speight says of his second record. “I decided at the outset that I would really go for it, dive in at the deep end and write a record that requires bigger rooms. There are rocky, bombastic songs that people may not expect from me. I worried it might be a bit risky, but it’s fun to shake stuff up.”

A third record would surely follow this natural progression, evolving new sounds into his work to bring in a host of new fans. With his latest single, The One set for a release this month, this certainly could be the case. Exploring new influences from the likes of Ed Sheeran and Dermot Kennedy, The One dives into the caverns of a much more mysterious and bolder sound.

With strong BBC Radio 2 support, over 200 million streams, and over one million monthly listeners, Speight has become an artist almost impossible to ignore. We'll have to wait and see what happens in 2023, but whatever happens, it's best to keep an eye out.