Palmer unveils Supreme Soaker: analogue dynamic tube amp hub for guitarists

Palmer has launched the Supreme Soaker, an analogue dynamic tube amp hub for the modern-day guitar player.

Offering a multitude of practical features and connectivity options for the guitarist who wants to be able to dial in the sweet spot of their tube amps at any volume, the Supreme Soaker is designed to act as the centrepiece of analogue guitar setups in homes, at recording studios and on stages worldwide.

The Supreme Soaker is an attenuator and load box, and is suited for tube amps with up to 150 Watts of power. It also offers an analogue speaker simulator, offering five finely-tuned analog tonal worlds.

Used together, these features allow the player to dial in their amp to sound its best at any volume – from silent to stage levels, and anywhere in-between – without a speaker connected. If the guitarist is using their speaker cab, however, a unique innovation to the Supreme Soaker – the Speaker Tone knob – allows them to tweak the sound of their cabinet on the fly.

The Supreme Soaker contains many other practical tools for guitarists. On the front panel, there is a microphone input – allowing players to blend their miked up cab’s tone with the Soaker’s direct sound – a headphone output, and an aux in, for jamming to backing tracks, or even playing to a click.

On the back of the unit, alongside the balanced stereo XLR Line Outputs, is another useful feature – a Stereo FX Loop – and a Reamp Out, for studio reamping purposes.

Despite all these features, the Supreme Soaker remains proudly analogue – with no App, screens or menu diving required to access all of its features.

Robin Henlich, Palmer’s director of product management, said: “The Supreme Soaker is the culmination of over 40+ years of German engineering excellence at Palmer. Over the decades, we’ve consistently led the way when it comes to analogue speaker and cabinet simulators, DI boxes, attenuators, load boxes, and more. Now, we’ve updated and redesigned all of our best products and put them into this one box – and I am convinced it’ll raise the tonal game of guitarists the world over. We can’t wait for you all to play it!”

The Supreme Soaker was launched at the 2024 Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim, California.