Installed Audio

Queen Sirikit National Convention Center gets JBL Pro upgrade

To provide the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC) with versatile audio and control solutions, Mahajak Development, Stonehenge Inter and Atkris Co. Ltd recently collaborated with Harman Professional Solutions to develop a system featuring JBL Professional, Crown, Soundcraft and more.

Following extensive renovations starting in 2019, the Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre reopened in late 2022 with 300,000 sqm – three times larger than the original venue layout – available for a variety of events and activities.

Along with increasing space, deploying state-of-the-art technology throughout the QSNCC was a key priority. Owners of the centre hoped that doing so would not only ensure the QSNCC’s long-term success and adaptability, but also strengthen Thailand’s global position as a world-class MICE destination for both national and international events.

To meet this request, Harman Professional Solutions partnered with Mahajak Development, Stonehenge Inter and Atkris Co. Ltd to tailor a bespoke solution combining products from JBL, Crown, Soundcraft, dbx and BSS.

The QSNCC consists of three main zones: eight large halls, four plenary rooms and four ballrooms. Each area sports an audio system featuring JBL Control 300 Series ceiling speakers and VPX700 Series speakers.

The former incorporates JBL’s sound quality and technology into discrete mounted enclosures designed to blend into ceilings and walls, while the latter utilises custom JBL transducers for higher power handling, lower distortion and reduced power compression. All three zones’ respective systems are powered by Crown CDi Series amplifiers with BSS controllers providing system control.

Additionally, there are 50 meeting rooms spread throughout the conference centre with individual audio and control systems. In each of these rooms, the installation team deployed JBL Control 10 Series ceiling speakers—an ideal solution for medium-sized spaces like conference rooms—powered by Crown CDi Series amplifiers and controlled by a Soundcraft Ui Series digital mixer and dbx sound management system.

Finally, the centre’s various public areas also feature JBL Control 10 Series speakers, Crown CDi Series amplifiers and BSS sound processors.

A spokesperson from Queen Sirikit National Convention Center reported that the installation process was smooth and well-organised, and that the team delivered outstanding dedication and quality service. They also noted that Harman Professional Solutions never fails to provide reliable solutions that help create immersive experiences for visitors.

“At Harman Professional Solutions, we continually embrace new innovations and technologies to deliver excellence for our customers and this project was no different,” said Amar Subash, VP & GM, Harman Professional Solutions of APAC.

“We are delighted to witness the successful re-opening of Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre and we appreciate the opportunity to collaborate on this leading international MICE venue.”