RØDE Introduces the RØDECaster Pro II for Content Creators

RØDE has unveiled what it describes as its most revolutionary audio innovation to date: the RØDECaster Pro II.

A fully integrated audio production studio for content creators of all kinds, the RØDECaster Pro II is designed to offer superior sound quality with unmatched ease of use and endless customisability.

The new model has four studio-grade Neutrik combo inputs for connecting microphones as well as instruments, including guitar, bass, keyboards and other devices, with each input featuring RØDE’s ultra-low-noise, high-gain Revolution Preamps. With a low equivalent input noise rating of -131.5dBV and an impressive 76dB of gain on tap, these preamps have been designed to deliver clarity and transparency and eliminate the need for lifters, boosters or external processing, even with the most demanding dynamic microphones.

The RØDECaster Pro II also features a full suite of studio-quality APHEX audio processors, which have been completely overhauled from the original RØDECaster Pro and remodelled using component-level analysis of analogue units to deliver superior dynamic signal processing. A high-performance quad-core audio engine delivers significant processing power, while on-board effects allow users to craft their own unique sound with unlimited creativity.

RØDE says that the high-definition, full-colour touchscreen, combined with the tactile rotary encoder, makes navigating and controlling the console super simple. Professionally tailored presets and the VoxLab processing editor allows anyone to capture high quality sound, even with no prior audio experience.

Every setting, from the mixer configuration to SMART pads, as well as entire recordings, can be saved on-board as a ‘Show’, allowing users to get set up and recording in seconds. This also makes the RØDECaster Pro II ideal for creators who make different types of content, multi-functional studios, or production or education facilities that require different setups for different users.

Meanwhile, the RØDECaster Pro II offers a range of connectivity options; four analogue inputs can accommodate everything from a single microphone for a solo podcast to a full band for a livestream. There are also four high-power headphone outputs and ¼-inch balanced line outputs for connecting speakers for monitoring and playback.

Dual USB-C interfaces accommodate the connection of two computers or mobile devices simultaneously, with an extra virtual USB channel for connecting chat applications, unlocking potential for everything from remote podcasting to organising complex streaming setups. MFi certification also ensures seamless integration with iOS devices.

On-board audio editing, mix-minus on the Bluetooth and USB channels, bi-directional MIDI communication, ten language options, mute and listen buttons, producer talkback mode, stereo input linking with pan controls, and tailored presets for RØDE microphones and other popular models are just some of the other features on offer.

The RØDECaster Pro II will be launched alongside a suite of accessories, including the RØDECover 2, a high-quality protective cover, as well as a VESA mount, carry bags, coloured cables, and more.

The RØDECaster Pro II is available to pre-order now for US$699 and will be shipping in June.