RØDE lifts lid on new streaming and gaming division

Australian audio technology company RØDE has today launched a brand new streaming and gaming division – RØDE X – along with a complete virtual mixing solution for streamers and gamers.

UNIFY is designed to provide users with superior control of their streaming and gaming audio. Up to four microphones and six virtual audio devices can be routed – including game, chat, music and browser – into one intuitive audio mixer.

Users can create completely independent mixes for all of their different outputs, including what they hear, what their audience hears, and what their teammates hear. Multitrack recording is also possible, while advanced processing and FX can be added to voices and all sound sources can be monitored in full definition.

Users can customise their mic’s sound signature to suit their voice with advanced APHEX processing, including the ‘legendary’ Aural Exciter and Big Bottom.

A compressor, noise gate and high-pass filter enables users to remove background noise and make their audio sound smooth, detailed and punchy, while granular control over every processor lets users fine-tune to perfection just like professional audio mixing software.

As part of RØDE X’s UNIFY virtual mixing ecosystem, the company has also released two new microphones. The XDM-100 is a professional dynamic USB mic while the XCM-50 is a condenser USB model – both designed to deliver rich, natural audio without any unwanted background noise, and both including the UNIFY virtual mixing software for a complete audio solution.

When using UNIFY with a RØDE mic, all audio processing is managed by a powerful DSP chip inside the microphone, which takes a load off the user's CPU and means everything is heard in headphones as it happens.

Meanwhile, users can seamlessly capture livestream audio with UNIFY’s on-board recording functionality, then optimise it for major audio platforms.

Find out more about RØDE X and UNIFY here.