Raise your hands for Isaw

Isaw blend lo-fi indie rock from guitarist/producer Dimitrios Savva, with hip hop from his lyrical partner, Vernon James.

And don’t let the mention of the words hip and hop bring up connotations of bragging, weaponry, or post codes: new single, Two Hands, contains some stunning and peaceful lyricism, including “growth spurts don’t have to wait / you build me up, you don’t break”.

Nor is there anything remotely aggressive in the music itself. Savva’s relaxed guitar strumming and post-chorus melody keeps everything ambient and hypnotic - and not only are James’ lyrics for the rapped verses on point, he also reveals a very pleasing singing voice for the chorus; and his switch to melodies from spoken word unites perfectly with the underlying and understated indie rock.

The duo also released an equally fantastic video for the song (which you can watch below); there’s some wonderful cinematography of London, a few of its best known locations, and then off the beaten path to deliver the video and song’s message. We follow a woman, who may or may not be a real physical presence, seen walking through the city, singing along to the song and occasionally dancing. She is separate from all the social ills she passes and remains in a blissful state throughout.

Isaw are truly something new and worth watching out for. You can buy the Two Hands single from their Bandcamp page HERE

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