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Roland brings Drum Workshop into the fold

Roland Corporation and Drum Workshop Inc. have announced a definitive agreement for Roland to acquire all of Drum Workshop’s outstanding shares.

Combining two of the biggest acoustic and electronic drum companies to focus on delivering new innovation for drummers, Drum Workshop will operate as a standalone unit with pioneering founders retaining leadership positions.

Roland is widely recognised for its gamechanger products in the electronic drum world under its V-Drums brand, and more recently with its V-Drums Acoustic Design (“VAD”) series of products. Drum Workshop on the other hand works with acoustic drums and percussion, and designs, manufactures and sells an industry-leading portfolio of brands including DW Drums and Hardware, Pacific Drums and Percussion (PDP), Latin Percussion (LP), Gretsch Drums and Slingerland.

Through the acquisition, Roland and Drum Workshop aim to unleash the next generation of breakthrough acoustic and electronic drums and percussion products, accelerate product development, and push the boundaries of innovation for drummers.

Drum Workshop CEO Chris Lombardi and co-founders Don Lombardi and John Good will continue to serve in their existing capacities at the company, focusing on creating products that inspire drummers everywhere.

We are excited to join forces in this relationship that will benefit artists and musicians everywhere.

“In the world of acoustic drums, Drum Workshop stands distinctly apart,” said Gordon Raison, Roland CEO. “We have always been impressed and in awe of their products, their people and their craftsmanship in every dimension. Drum Workshop shares the same legacy and dedication to musical innovation that we have at Roland, and we are committed to supporting Drum Workshop in doing what they do best.”

“Roland’s philosophy in driving innovation across all forms of expression is complimentary with ours, and we are excited to join forces in this relationship that will benefit artists and musicians everywhere,” said Chris Lombardi, CEO of Drum Workshop, Inc.

“For the past 50 years our goal has always been to inspire, motivate and solve problems for drummers,” said Don Lombardi, founder and chief product officer of Drum Workshop. “I have always been a fan of the innovation coming from Roland, and we are thrilled to partner with them on inventing solutions for future generations.”

“We have been deeply impressed by the people inside Drum Workshop and are excited to welcome Chris, Don, John and the entire Drum Workshop team to the Roland family,” added Masahiro Minowa, chief innovation officer of Roland. “A trailblazer in acoustic drums for the past 50 years, we’ve been equally blown away by the breakthrough innovation and new technology that Drum Workshop has been developing. We can’t wait for the world to see what’s in store that will benefit drummers everywhere.”