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Roland Unveils SPD-SX PRO Sampling Pad For Stage Drummers

Roland has released the SPD-SX PRO Sampling Pad for stage drummers and all types of creative performers.

Born of user feedback fueled by extensive road testing of the touring-standard SPD-SX, this instrument has been packed with an array of professional enhancements, including customisable trigger LEDs, increased audio outputs and trigger inputs and a large onboard memory.

The SPD-SX PRO features nine durable pads with Roland’s latest sensing technology, including three shoulder pads with revised sensor structures for increased sensitivity when the instrument is mounted at a shallow angle. In addition, improved crosstalk protection throughout prevents accidental triggering of other pads.

Pad-dividing trigger LEDs increase visibility on stage and help players organise kit setup, while custom colours can be assigned to any of the horizontal or vertical LEDs and can be renamed and combined with tags to group kicks, snares, backing tracks and other sounds for easy identification. The horizontal LEDs can also be set to light in various ways to suit the performance application.

The SPD-SX PRO’s interface includes a 4.3-inch colour LCD and hands-on controls with backlighting for easy operation on stage. The LCD provides access to deep parameters and shows essential info such as A/B layers, WAV sample names and sample playback progress.

With 32GB of internal memory, the SPD-SX PRO holds nearly 44 hours of 48 kHz/16-bit stereo audio – more than enough for multiple gigs. Users can load 48/44.1 kHz WAV, AIFF, and MP3 files with varying bit rates, and the SPD-SX PRO will automatically convert them to its native audio format – simplifying the process of importing sounds.

The SPD-SX PRO comes with over 1,550 sounds and 200 user kits with 43 pre-loaded presets, and it’s also possible to connect a line-level device and sample directly to pads. Kits can be switched with complete sound carryover thanks to speedy processing power. And for more creative options, Roland Cloud membership provides a selection of sample libraries and sounds to explore.

Users can create A/B layers and quickly adjust volume, pitch and transient parameters via dedicated panel controls. Sounds can also be adjusted at deeper levels with waveform editing and other tools. Multiple high-quality effects engines are available to colour individual sounds and enhance the overall output.

The SPD-SX PRO flows easily into any stage setup with balanced stereo master outputs, four assignable mono outputs, and an assignable headphones output. Four dual-trigger inputs support up to eight external Roland pads, and up to two foot switches can also be connected to trigger sounds. Additionally, a special control input supports a Roland hi-hat controller or an expression pedal for real-time effects control.

The SPD-SX PRO App from Roland Cloud makes it easy to import, edit and organise sounds on a Mac or Windows computer via USB.

Meanwhile, the USB connection also supports DAW music production with the ability to transfer MIDI data and up to eight channels of high-quality digital audio.

The Roland SPD-SX PRO will be available in the US in October for $1,199.99.