Sandi Thom: Live at London's Jazz Cafe

London’s Jazz Café with its velvet drapes and soft lighting seemed a perfect setting for six-and-a-half months-pregnant Sandi Thom. Wearing a striking white dress, she proudly showed off her bump, and although she remained seated during the set (and understandably so), it certainly didn’t have any detrimental effect on her performance.

Despite the wet and windy conditions in London, a good crowd were in attendance to hear some old songs, and also material from Thom's upcoming new album, to be released early next year.
It may have been a stripped down show with Thom on vocals, accompanied by acoustic guitars and a cello, but the sound was vibrant, it was upbeat, and she has this beautifully rich, dynamic voice, full of power.

The set showcased four new songs, one of them played live for the first time called Ghosts (my favourite of the night, actually), and also the new single, Earthquake, which caused a stir recently when not listed for radio play and in turn led to Thom posting an outburst on social media arguing the decision. It was noted before being played, but to little fuss from the artist, to be honest; however, one punter couldn't resist barking out, “we love you, Sandi, fuck Radio Two!”

Thom took a moment early in the night to pay tribute to the innocent victims of the recent attacks in Paris, and highlighted that, “right now, it’s time for everyone to stand together”, before delivering a lovely cover of the Foo’s Times like These. Very fitting, as in times like these you really do have to learn to love and live again.

Of course no performance would be complete without Thom playing her breakthrough track, I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker (With Flowers In My Hair), and this was one seriously engaged audience - even the baby wanted a piece of the action, as she remarked that it was kicking during a couple of numbers!

This was a very solid performance by a very talented songwriter, and if the new songs are anything to go by, this could be a return to the mainstream for Sandi Thom... despite what Radio Two thinks.

Show Review by Colin Pigott.