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Shure debuts Nexadyne Dynamic Vocal Microphones

Shure has introduced its new Nexadyne dynamic microphone platform with Shure Revonic Dual Transducer Technology.

Available now in cardioid and supercardioid polar patterns, Nexadyne vocal microphones achieve what the company describes as state-of-the-art polar pattern consistency, unparalleled noise reduction, and best-in-class professional touring performance.

The Nexadyne platform is built on Shure’s patented Revonic Dual Transducer Technology, designed to minimise the amount of time and effort required by sound engineers to make performers’ live vocals sound exceptional and cut through the mix.

Two precisely matched transducers work together to provide a greater range of acoustic optimisation, maximising specific frequencies and minimising unwanted noise, especially handling noise and mechanical vibration. This built-in signal processing delivers a stronger output than traditional single transducer designs, while subsequently removing the need for a traditional pneumatic shock mount and time-consuming, corrective audio editing.

Nexadyne dynamic vocal XLR microphones and wireless capsules are available now for £329 / €379 / $299 (US) in both cardioid (NXN8/C) and supercardioid (NXN8/S) polar patterns on and at select retailers. Nexadyne capsules will be available bundled with Shure’s digital wireless ecosystems starting this summer, including Axient Digital, ULX-D, QLX-D, andSLX-D. Nexadyne wired microphones are available in black. Wireless capsules of Nexadyne are available in both black and nickel finishes.