AMS Neve And Westlake Pro Demo Suite 4.jpg

Inside AMS Neve And Westlake Pro’s Exclusive New Demo Suite

AMS Neve and Westlake Pro have partnered to create the first AMS Neve Showroom in the US. Located at Westlake Pro’s headquarters in North Hollywood, the space provides an environment for clients to listen to the entire AMS Neve product portfolio.

The UK manufacturer’s first authorised demo space in the US, Westlake Pro will be used to demonstrate products such as the Neve BCM10/2 Mk2 16-channel console and the Genesys Black G32 console. The large showroom also incorporates an array of AMS Neve outboard products including the 1073DPX dual channel mic pre and EQ, the 33609N stereo compressor, and the 8801 channel strip from the legendary 88R console – all displayed in custom furniture.

"It’s really exciting to be working with Westlake Pro and the new showroom because they have enormous experience, ranging from frontline sales to complete integrations and development of some of the biggest, most famous studios around the world,” comments David Walton, AMS Neve’s distribution manager. “With products like mixing consoles, support is very important. Westlake’s experience with design and integration, as well as on-going support for the products they sell, means that we are in a really good position to work together moving forward both with existing and new products.”

Walton adds that, as AMS Neve is a British company, the physical and time difference between the UK and the US is best overcome by partnering with Westlake, particularly in areas such as customer support.

“Our valued US customers can be confident that their calls, questions, maintenance, and support needs will all answered promptly and efficiently,” he clarifies.

“Westlake Pro is proud to be the first authorised AMS Neve demo showroom in the United States,” adds Joe Taupier, president of Westlake Pro. “Our fully functional AMS Neve Showroom has Dante connectivity throughout, so whether you want to hear the capabilities of the Genesys Black in stereo or Atmos, we are ready for you.”