Devin Townsend: Waves PRS SuperModels

Created in collaboration with Paul Reed Smith, the Waves PRS SuperModels plugin models three high-end PRS guitar amps: the coveted PRS Archon, the legendary PRS Dallas, and the ultra-rare PRS Blue Sierra/V9.

Simple to use, with outstanding tones right out of the box, these models authentically replicate every component of the three exquisite amplifiers: from tubes to circuitry, every detail was painstakingly modeled part by part, using Waves’ Precision Analog Component technology, with Paul Reed Smith himself supplying Waves with the original amplifiers, and the full schematics. Check out the video below.

PRS Archon is all about shimmering cleans, or aggressive overdrive; push it harder, and you get some serious distortion. Archon is ideal for lead or crunching rhythm, while also offering a clean channel that players of all genres will appreciate.

PRS Blue Sierra/V9 is never-before-released - even in its hardware form. This ultra-rare amp was an early original format for the PRS J-MOD 100. Evocative of boutique American guitar amps, it is equally great for clean sounds and for medium-gain overdrive tones. No matter the setting, you’ll find it easy to get a big 3D sound, and hard to get a bad one.

PRS Dallas provides the sounds of classic American reverb amps. The all-tube design produces an open tone for huge-sounding cleans, or multiple variations of overdriven sound with natural-sounding reverb. Originally designed by chief PRS amp designer, Doug Sewell, this musical amp offers sweet highs, solid lows, and gorgeous mid-range tones.

According to Devin Townsend, the PRS SuperModels has exceeded his expectations for what a direct recording solution can provide:

"The hardest thing to typically get out of a guitar amp simulation are the clean sounds; and straight out of the gate, these have great cleans. This represents a real shift from a sound being useful, to a sound being inspiring. It’s also obvious that a lot of time was spent on the actual feel of the amps – I'm thrilled to say that Waves and Paul Reed Smith got it really right.”

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