Endlesss Studio Gets A Kickstart

The company that brought music-makers Endlesss is back with the brand new Endlesss Studio, a powerful cloud-connected looping instrument designed to cut out the admin of traditional DAWs for lightning-fast composition. Headliner takes a closer look at the MacOS app and VST / AU plugin that aims to accelerate creativity and make it easy for musicians, beatmakers and sound-designers to collaborate around the world in real time.

In a year that has seen musicians, artists and producers mainly self isolating and collaborating on projects remotely, creatives are turning to tech more than ever before to ensure they can carry on working, regardless.

One such company offering up a solution to facilitate creatives to, well, create is music-making platform Endlesss, which has used 2020 to ramp up its efforts to bring its creativity-inducing collaboration app to more platforms and workflows, including pro-grade DAWs.

Enter Endlesss Studio, a MacOS app and VST / AU plugin which expands the company’s award-winning lockdown-busting iOS app into the world of desktop DAWs and hardware.

The new MacOS app adds deep integration with all major DAWs such as Logic Pro, Ableton Live, FL Studio, and more, while VST and AU plugin versions, MIDI controller support and instant audio drag and drop connect the Endlesss workflow to the heart of the professional music creation environment.

Development of Endlesss Studio was funded by backers of the company’s Kickstarter campaign, which ran during June in 2020. Endlesss raised £141k, impressively becoming the seventh most-funded software campaign in the history of Kickstarter.

Founded in 2017 by musician and technologist Tim Exile, Endlesss was formed after Exile moved on from his successful career as a recording artist to develop tools which would bring a performative approach to electronic music creation.

And this ain’t Exile’s first rodeo – before founding Endlesss, he created a number of influential VST plugin products such as The Mouth in partnership with Native Instruments, and SLOO (Shed Loads Of Oscillators) under his own brand.

“Studio is Endlesss’s next step in building a home for creative musical culture where creators of every skill level can connect, learn and build communities around creativity,” explains Exile.

“As the lines between artist and fan erode, Endlesss is building an ecosystem where anyone can forge their own creative path. Whether that path leads to a tight-knit community of like-minded friends or rising to the top of the Billboard charts, Endlesss aims to put purpose and culture at the heart of music-making.”

Endlesss is a cloud-connected multi-track looper with a large collection of performance instruments and effects designed to facilitate a quick create flow for music-makers.

Since its launch in spring 2020, the Endlesss iOS app has been used by a long list of notable creators including Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Imogen Heap, electronica giants Underworld, Kevin Drew from indie-rockers Broken Social Scene, and US comedian Hannibal Buress.

Endlesss Studio kicks things up a notch with a broad collection of performance-optimised instruments designed to inspire creativity straight out of the box. Boasting 23 creative performance effects with instant recursive re-sampling capability, sculpting complex and dynamic sounds in Endlesss Studio reportedly takes seconds – a process which the company says would usually involve hours of detailed automation and expensive plugins.

Endlesss Studio integrates seamlessly with the iOS app to enable instant handoff of the track-building flow between mobile and desktop, allowing multiple collaborators to contribute live from anywhere in the world with an instrument, their voice, hardware or software – on smart-phone or in a high-end studio.

Endless Studio is available now until March 31 2021 for £79 / $99 / €99 – a 50% introductory discount of the usual price of £159 / $199 / €199. A Windows version is under development and will be available in the summer of 2021.