JH Audio Unveils New Sharona 16-Driver IEM

Renowned custom in-ear monitor manufacturer JH Audio has unveiled a brand new flagship IEM – The Sharona – the company’s first ever 16-Driver configuration with a true four-way crossover.

Sharona features the all-new Knowles RAU Quad Supertweeter, which produces an extended treble response starting where most balanced armature drivers roll off (12 kHz), and pushes out to 25 kHz.

According to JH Audio, Sharona offers a highly accurate, well-rounded sound signature with the punchy low-end of the Layla and the smooth mid-range growl of the Roxanne model.

The addition of the RAU is designed to deliver expansive stereo imagery full of depth and width, while creating more air for high-range reproduction. Paired with Freqphase and Acoustic Sound Chamber, Sharona is fully loaded with JH Audio’s industry-leading technologies and built for life on tour.

Sharona features a 16-Driver BA Configuration with true four-way integrated crossover (passive), along with an all-new proprietary RAU Quad Super Tweeter BA with 12 kHz - 25 kHz range.

The Sharona is the company’s first ever 16-Driver configuration with a true four-way crossover.

In terms of product specifications, Sharona will have an input sensitivity of 114dB @ 1mW, an impedance of 16 Ohms, and noise isolation at -26 dB.

Also included with Sharona is a Litz Wire T2 Cable and Connector System (non-attenuated), which JH says features consistent high durability, no intermittence and pull force stability. Additional T2 Connector features include strong tactility perception, an IP67 sealed connector system, minimal socket wear, metal parts resistant to sweat exposure, and a miniature design.

JH also says that the system has been tested and approved for medical devices, and provides easy integration into design and product.

JH Audio Sharona carries an MSRP of $2,299 / £1,840, with more information about a release and shipping date coming soon. Keep an eye on the Headliner website in the coming weeks for further details...