L-Acoustics And JH Audio Collaborate On Contour XO IEMs

Available now to ship worldwide, the limited edition Contour XO in-ear monitors are the result of a brand new collaboration between L-Acoustics and JH Audio.

Designed to act as the perfect reference IEM for the L‑Acoustics sonic signature on stage, at the mixing desk, in a studio, or on the move, Contour XO IEMs utilise 10 balanced armature drivers with three-way crossover in a quad low, dual mid and quad high configuration.

Furthermore, Contour XO puts the user in control of the low end, with bass adjustment of up to 15dB above flat response. Whether performing, mixing, or just listening, the manufacturers insist that the user will hear accurate, distortion-free reproduction thanks to JH Audio Soundrive technology, which was built to handle extreme dynamics.

Further enhanced by Freqphase, Contour XO IEMs are optimised to ensure precision timing across the frequency spectrum, fulfilling the sound source coherency requirements of L‑Acoustics Wavefront Sculpture Technology (WST).

Contour XO IEMs are optimised to ensure precision timing across the frequency spectrum.

Sound engineers, musicians and serious audiophiles have come to enjoy the benefits of custom fit in-ear monitors. In addition to the physical comfort of monitors suited to a user’s exact ear shape, a custom seal provides isolation from any undesirable audio, effectively soundproofing the wearer’s ears, allowing them to focus only on what they want to hear.

A personalised fit can be purchased for an additional €340, plus tax.

The success of L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound technology and spatialised mixing tools has led L-Acoustics to seek ways to further streamline the production process. Contour XO is the latest addition to the L-ISA engineer toolkit and a natural complement to L-ISA binaural software tools that will be released in early 2021.

A preview of this new software is now offered to first adopters of Contour XO. Upon ordering, customers will receive a software activation key.