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Lu Diaz: How To Mix Hip Hop Vocals

Lu Diaz is a multi-platinum record producer and mix engineer who has worked with the likes of Jay-Z, Beyoncé, DJ Khaled, and Pitbull. In the video above, Diaz takes us through four crucial steps for mixing clean, professional-sounding hip hop vocal leads and ad-libs.

From removing harsh frequencies and adding shine, to creating depth and character with FX, Diaz shares the steps he never skips when mixing any kind of rap vocals.

Skip to your favourite section: at 0m45s, he removes problem frequencies; at 4m58s, he is adding colour and shine; at 6m27s, he is panning his ad-libs and sweetening vocals; and at 8m25s, he is adding depth, character, and vocal FX. It's a really comprehensive film, and a must-watch for anyone working in this field, looking to improve their sonic balance.

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