Novation Reveals New Circuit Tracks Groovebox

Novation has launched Circuit Tracks, a flexible groovebox designed to revolutionise the way dance and electronic music is created.

This intuitive complete studio tool packs in four drum tracks, two MIDI tracks and two synth tracks, while the sequencer allows users to build dynamic 32-step patterns (which can be chained up to 256 step sequences per track).

This is augmented by the drum tracks - where users can mould samples to suit their rhythmic requirements - alongside the polyphonic digital synth tracks.

Circuit Tracks also lets users apply in-built delay, reverb, compression and other quality effects to improve the quality of the mix, and add further sonic variation with pattern and probability mutate, and microtiming.

An integrated rechargeable battery (with four hours of operation on a full charge) also makes Circuit Tracks fully portable. It includes a selection of versatile connectivity options - including analogue sync out and five-pin MIDI in/out/thru. Users can monitor tracks using headphones or the stereo out, and easily mix and add effects to the two available audio inputs.

Meanwhile, the unit’s two MIDI tracks can send both cc automation and notes so that users can control and program external equipment, from drum machines to effects units. A standard microSD card can also be inserted for more space to store samples, patches and entire projects.

Novation Circuit Tracks is available now for £359 inc. VAT.

In The Box

- USB Power Adaptor
- USB-A to USB-C Cable (1.5m)

Software Included

- Sound Collective
- Novation Components Standalone Software


- Master Filter Knob (with Centre Detent)
- Volume Knob
- x8 Endless Encoder Macro Knobs (with RGB Indicators)
- Headphones out
- Unbalanced Stereo out
- x2 Mono Audio in
- 3.5mm Sync out
- MicroSD Card Slot
- x3 MIDI DIN (in, out, thru)
- Kensington MiniSaver Slot
- USB-C Socket
- Power Button with Charge Status LED

- 32 RGB Backlit Velocity Sensitive Pads

- 28 RGB Backlit Tactile Click Buttons