PreSonus Studio One 5.5 Improves Mastering Tools

PreSonus has released Studio One 5.5, a major update to its recording and production software, adding improvements for production, performance and especially mastering.

The number one user feature request for Studio One 5.5’s Project Page is now available, now boasting full track volume, master volume and insert-effects plugin parameter automation.

Users can also write automation in real-time using a mouse or hardware controller, or by using the Paint Tool. Clip Gain Envelopes have also been added to the Project Page, enabling users to precisely fix gain issues while mastering, without using dynamics plugins.

The new Listen Bus on the Project Page allows for monitoring through users’ favourite room correction plugins or headphone monitoring tools without affecting the master output, while processing power is freed up for complex mastering chains without losing the ability to make adjustments later using Track Transform.

Studio One Professional’s Digital Release publishing feature now provides the ability to export multiple formats at once, meaning users can export mastered sessions for high-resolution releases and streaming services at the same time.

The new Target Loudness options let music-makers set target values for loudness and true peak during export, or choose from presets for every popular streaming service to take the guesswork out of preparing a release.

In addition, a new, proprietary, custom-designed dithering algorithm minimises conversion artifacts and preserves low-level signals when preparing high-resolution audio for streaming.

Studio One 5.5 also introduces production and performance features. Any MIDI file can now be dragged directly to the Chord Track to extract its chords, and only Studio One’s chord detection works with Audio Events and Instrument Parts.

Users can now create a strum pattern manually by dragging note events in a selected chord while holding modifier keys.

PreSonus’ Ampire XT guitar amp/cabinet/pedalboard plugin, available in Studio One 5.5, adds faster preset switching optimised for the Show Page, so users can trigger Ampire presets from a MIDI pedalboard during a live performance without missing a beat.

Other improvements include saving automation with mix scenes, so music-makers can experiment with multiple automation passes without losing work.

The plugin Nap feature introduced in version 5.4 is now available on a per plugin basis, providing further optimisation control, and improvements have also been added for PreSonus ATOM-series controllers with Impact XT and SampleOne XT.

Studio One 5.5 is a free update for registered Studio One 5 users and is included in the PreSonus Sphere membership.