PreSonus Unveils Revelator io24 Audio Interface

Shipping now for $199.95 / £165, the PreSonus Revelator io24 USB-C audio interface integrates high-headroom mic preamps, a two-channel loopback mixer and extensive processing, promising to deliver polished, professional-sounding results for streaming, podcasting and music production.

In fact, PreSonus claims that the Revelator io24 is the only audio interface specifically designed for both recording and streaming. Fully embracing today’s adaptation to more remote working than ever, its easy-to-use mixer lets users quickly record Zoom calls or Skype interviews and add backing tracks and sound effects for podcasts, live stream performances and music production.

Users can engage Stream Mix mode with the click of a button, at which point their complete mix analogue inputs, loopback channels, reverb and effects are routed to the USB output. From there, users can easily send it to their streaming software.

Two analogue mic/instrument/line inputs with PreSonus’ professional grade XMAX-L microphone preamps (which can be stereo linked), present the Revelator io24 as a high-quality production frontend.

Users also get two balanced 1/4-inch line outputs, a high-powered headphone output, professional metering and zero-latency monitoring – not to mention they can record up to 24-bit, 96 kHz audio to the included Studio One Artist or other recording and production software.

But the real magic starts with the Revelator io24’s simple loopback mixer, which makes it easy to add backing tracks to live stream performances, or conferences in a Zoom caller to a podcast.

The Revelator io24 promises to deliver polished, professional-sounding results for streaming, podcasting and music production.

With two dedicated stereo channels for loopback audio on macOS or Windows, users can simultaneously mix and record the audio from two different applications, along with the two analogue input channels.

Not stopping there, users can easily remote-control their mixes, processing and routing using PreSonus’ Universal Control software for macOS, Windows, iPad and Android tablets, while Stream Mix mode turns the Revelator io24 into the ultimate compact streaming mixer.

Want to process each input channel? No problem: use PreSonus’ Fat Channel DSP, which provides a high-pass filter, 4-band parametric EQ, compressor, gate and limiter. Those who are fans of effects can apply the detuner, vocoder, ring modulator, filters and delay.

Looking to add just the right amount of ambience? Look no further than the dedicated reverb bus, plus the Revelator io24 comes with a wealth of software, including Studio One Artist and the Studio Magic Suite, which includes Ableton Live Lite and a collection of virtual instruments and effects plugins.

Revelator io24 locally stores two presets per channel, and eight more factory presets can be loaded from Universal Control for fast processing. However, the Fat Channel processing also is fully editable, so users can dig in and create their own presets, which are available for each processor, so it’s quick to make customised channel settings.

When users are ready to dive into Revelator io24’s compressor and EQ models and more, all they need to do is launch Advanced mode to expose a fully editable Fat Channel, complete with State-Space-modelled vintage processors.

The PreSonus Revelator io24 is shipping now.