SSL Unveils UC1 Plugin Controller

Solid State Logic has announced the UC1 hardware plugin controller, designed to offer the most creative, intuitive and ultimately effective way of controlling the new SSL Native Channel Strip 2 and Bus Compressor 2 plugins within a DAW session.

UC1 includes features such as a dedicated knob-per-function channel EQ and dynamics controls, a centre section featuring full Bus Compressor controls, and an authentic moving-coil gain reduction meter.

UC1’s layout of encoders, switches and colour groupings offer professional SSL console ergonomics seamlessly integrated with the company’s Channel Strip and Bus Compressor plugins, with multiple parameters that can be controlled simultaneously and precisely.

Users can also expand their hybrid workflow further by pairing UC1 with the UF8 Advanced DAW Controller.

Virtual SSL Console

At the heart of every UC1 system is the SSL 360° Plugin Mixer, a place to view and control all of your Channel Strips and Bus Compressors in one place. The Plugin Mixer has been designed to offer a new and exciting way of interacting with the plugins, allowing users to adopt a true console-like approach to mixing in the box.

UC1 provides dedicated controls of all key Channel Strip 2 plugin parameters. EQ, Filters, Compressor and Gate/Expander controls offer the same configuration and visual feedback as found on large-format SSL consoles, letting users quickly home in on their channel processing sweet spot.

Developed from SSL’s digital modelling of the renowned XL 9000K console, SSL Native Channel Strip 2 gives users everything required to get that radio-ready, modern SSL sound in their DAW. For UC1, SSL has updated Channel Strip to include its proprietary anti-cramping algorithms, which prevent any form of phase and amplitude wrapping.

At the heart of UC1 are the Bus Compressor controls that talk directly to SSL Native Bus Compressor 2. The authentic layout and metering is designed to make users feel like they’re controlling a hardware bus comp built into the centre section of an SSL console.

With a classic moving-coil gain reduction meter as found on SSL consoles since the 1970’s, it represents the Bus Compressors time constants and gain reduction characteristics perfectly for producers and engineers to know exactly how it’s reacting with their instruments, sub groups and mix bus.

Users can really get hands-on with the UC1 hardware, adjust parameters with the mouse in the individual plugins or immerse themselves in the Plugin Mixer - changes are always synchronised across all software and hardware.