Universal Audio Unveils UAFX Pedals

Universal Audio has unveiled its first line of effects pedals, featuring sonically authentic emulations of classic reverb, delay and modulation circuits.

The results of an exhaustive multi-year R&D effort, UAFX Golden Reverberator, Starlight Echo Station and Astra Modulation Machine bring dual-processor architecture to the effects pedal market, delivering three distinct vintage sounds per pedal, complete with UA analogue design and build quality.

Hallmark UAFX features include intuitive preset/live modes, analogue dry-through, stereo/dual mono operation, true bypass with silent switching, additional downloadable effects from the UAD algorithm team, and more.

It’s worth noting that switchable true/buffered bypass will be available via UAFX Control software in Spring 2021.

Golden Reverberator

From the dense sound of ‘50s studio plates, to tube-driven spring reverb of classic ‘60s guitar amps and endless algorithmic wonder of vintage digital reverbs, Golden Reverberator packs decades of iconic reverb sounds into a single, beautifully-crafted stompbox.

Spring 65, Plate 140, and Hall 224 effects, each with available modulation, offer a palette of vintage reverb textures.

Starlight Echo Station

Borrowing from UA’s expertise in analogue emulation, the manufacturer says the Starlight Echo Station offers “the finest classic delay effects ever captured in a stompbox”.

Featuring three delay types — Tape EP-III, Analogue DMM, and Precision — capturing iconic hardware of the past 60 years, Starlight offers additional settings for tape wear, modulation, and preamp colour for endless inspiring tones.

Astra Modulation Machine

Astra Modulation Machine is a complete sonic workstation. From spacey studio flanger tones of the ‘70s, to gritty bucket-brigade chorus, and luscious opto tube tremolo, Astra puts three perfectly-emulated modulation sounds at a user’s feet.

Chorus Brigade, Flanger DBLR, and Trem 65 settings — with secondary modes for Vibrato, Doubling, and more — combine for an abundance of tasteful tweaking.

Key features across the range include “landmark” reverb, delay, and modulation pedals featuring dual-processor UAFX engine, simple live and preset modes for instant recall of user’s favourite sounds, additional downloadable effects by the UAD algorithm team, and true or buffered bypass with trails (Golden, Starlight), plus silent switching.

The UAFX pedals will be available in Spring 2021 with an estimated street price of $399 / £290 each.