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Washed Out on stage with Waves LV1

When chillwave artist Ernest Greene a.k.a. Washed Out wanted to bring studio sounds to his live show and create unique effects for each song, he tried running plugins in his eMotion LV1 mixer. He tells Headliner how he did it in the text and very cool video below...

“I had never seen anything like that for a live show,” Ernest says about the LV1 live sound experience. “I used a ton of Waves plugins for the production of my latest album, Mister Mellow – and using the same stuff live made the transition to the live show that much easier. Pulling off the sound of the record on tour was a big thing for me.”

In this video, Ernest and his front of house mainstay, Pat Jones, show how the LV1 allowed them to recreate Washed Out’s heavily processed vocal sound, and extreme drum effects that change from song to song – night after night in their live show.

“In the past, would you bring a flanger and a stereo low-pass filter on tour for just one song?” says Jones. “Maybe if you had a huge budget. But with the LV1, it’s easy.”

Check it out below and see for yourself!

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