Waves CLA MixDown: the ultimate mix buss plugin?

Waves has released what could be the ultimate in mix buss plugins. CLA MixDown, developed together with Grammy-winning mix engineer, Chris Lord-Alge (Green Day, Bruce Springsteen, Keith Urban, Muse), really does seem to be something to talk about.

For more than three decades, Chris Lord-Alge has been the mixer of choice for rock royalty, from Aerosmith to U2, Foo Fighters to Muse. One of the secrets to his signature sound has been his unique punchy, smooth, in-your-face mix buss chains – and now these chains are available to users, in this all-in-one CLA MixDown plugin.

"I perfected my mix buss chains over many years and 20,000 mixes," Lord-Alge tells Headliner. "I’ve taken my two favourite chains and put them under the hood of this simple-to-use, supercharged champion of a plugin. CLA MixDown features two flavors of my mix buss compression sound, plus console overdrive, and a finishing EQ with perfect bass and treble curves.

"You can use CLA MixDown on your master channel, or you can use it the CLA way – on a master aux. You can add it after you finish mixing to secure your mix with that finishing touch, but I recommend you insert it before you start mixing, and then mix ‘through’ the plugin, which will help you tailor your mix and get the best sound. Either way, it will dramatically enhance your overall mix and save you precious time toward getting that final mixing touch!”

Check out the video with Chris below

Here are some bullet points to give you an idea of the main CLA MixDown features:

Simple-to-use mix buss plugin for finalising and enriching your mixes
Created in collaboration with Grammy Award-winning mixer Chris Lord-Alge
Four faders for enhancing the colour, dynamics, and drive of your mix
Bass fader: Controls the richness of the mix
Treble fader: Increases or decreases high-frequency presence
Glue: Two flavours of compression for holding the mix together
Drive: Analogue console overdrive for increasing harmonic distortion

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