SSL unveils ‘a new class of audio interface’ with SSL 12

Solid State Logic has expanded its line of Audio Creation Products with SSL 12, a 12-in 8-out USB bus-powered audio interface that combines professional features, performance, and flexibility in a portable desktop format.

Designed for home or project-based studio control rooms, SSL 12 includes four SSL-designed microphone preamplifiers (with Mic/Line and HPF), two Hi-Z instrument inputs for guitars, bass or vintage instruments and two professional grade headphone outputs along with 32-bit /192 kHz AD/DA converters. Advanced routing and monitoring options combined with ADAT input supporting eight additional channels of digital audio offer a total of 12 tracks of simultaneous recording and eight channels of playback brought together in a rugged, portable design.

Contained within its SSL 360° software mixer, SSL 12 features a customisable SSL control room. Here users receive instant feedback from detailed I/O metering, assign functions to SSL 12’s three front panel switches, including key monitor controls; Alternative Monitor Switching, Mono Sum, Invert Phase Left, Dim, Cut, as well as access to an on-board talkback microphone.

The SSL console-style routing lets users create up to four independent near zero-latency foldback mixes, while the Save/Load function makes recalling sessions a breeze. In addition, users can choose between modes (Standard, High Impedance, High Sensitivity) to best suit different headphone types or create additional line outputs via re-purposing the headphone outs.

Users can also configure where SSL 12’s Loopback feed is taken from: Record the output of a media player (e.g. via Playback 1-2) or create a custom sub-mix of your podcast via one of the Aux Busses (e.g. Line 3-4). Both headphone mixes and line outputs 3-4 are also accessible for absolute production flexibility. Electronic music producers and vintage instrument enthusiasts will also appreciate the comprehensive control offered by the DC-coupled outputs for creating Control Voltage signals, and MIDI I/O.

Included with SSL 12 is the SSL Production Pack, a suite of software instruments, sounds, plugins and DAW (worth over $1000), that includes the Vocalstrip and Drumstrip 2 plugins as well as three-month access to SSL's Complete subscription and other three-month licenses from the likes of Antares and Output.

SSL 12 is priced at £333 ex.VAT / €399 + tax / $499. Make sure to check out the full spec list at the SSL website.