Installed Audio

Stereo Covent Garden enhanced with new L-Acoustics system

Located in London’s West End, the new Stereo Covent Garden complex, complete with fashion, beauty stores, and award-winning restaurants and bars, has installed a new L-Acoustics sound system to bolster its audio offering.

Situated beneath the historic market, Stereo Covent Garden is the creation of Experimental Group, known for luxury hospitality spaces throughout Europe and the US. With a rich blend of music, cocktails, and dining, inspired by the late-night cultures of New York and London, Stereo Covent Garden offers a multi-sensory experience made of signature drinks and live music. A vibrant and eclectic music programme is offered each night, beginning with a house band providing relaxed vibes, before the stage is turned over to a rotating series of resident DJs.

The interiors of Stereo Covent Garden were designed by London-based studio Afroditi, which has created a moody atmosphere for Stereo's interiors, using lighting and mirrors reminiscent of the prohibition-era. Considering the opulent interiors and the wide area to cover, it was crucial to design a compact sound system that could provide crystal-clear sound while also fitting within limited available space or diverting customers' attention.

Solotech UK Group, a professional audio integrator and L-Acoustics Certified Provider, was appointed to design and install the lighting and audio solution for Stereo. Solotech chose a combination of L-Acoustics A Series and X Series for the project to provide a versatile soundscape with optimal sound coverage for the various areas which included a main stage, bar, DJ booth, and restroom, while remaining discrete and melting into the décor.

“We wanted a clean, clear and precise soundscape,” said Mikey Sorbello, music coordinator at Stereo Covent Garden. “We knew that L-Acoustics is renowned for its impeccable clarity, depth, and richness, and were confident this would give Stereo Covent Garden innovative sound.”

The main stage sound system consists of two clusters of six L-Acoustics A15 Wide with two KS21 subwoofers on either side of the stage. On the elevated bar, 10 compact 5XT coaxial speakers are evenly distributed. Eleven X8 coaxial speakers serve as delay, bolstered by four SB10i subwoofers. The back room is equipped with five L-Acoustics X8 and two SB10i subwoofers, while the restrooms are fitted with 10 5XT. The DJ booth boasts two L-Acoustics X8 while performers on stage benefit from two X12 stage monitors. The entire system is managed by eight L-Acoustics LA4X and one LA12X amplified controllers.

“This solution ensures that every note resonates throughout the space, enveloping audiences in a truly vibrant sonic experience,” said Sorbello. “The clarity and precision of our sound system truly embodies the values we uphold at Stereo Covent Garden. In short, we couldn't be more satisfied and every performance promises to be an unforgettable sonic journey."