Stetson University Baseball Stadium scores home run with Fulcrum Acoustic system

Since opening its doors on February 12, 1999, Melching Field at Conrad Park in DeLand, Florida, has been a hub for baseball enthusiasts in the area. After 23 years, the facility was in need of upgrades. To address this, the City of Deland Parks and Recreation initiated an $8 million renovation project. Entertainment Arts Inc [EAI], an AV integration and production company based in Orlando, was brought on board to design a new AV system.

Byron Conerly, Owner of EAI, led the project and explained that the stadium's growing reputation due to several MLB players having emerged from Stetson University meant it was time to focus on enhancing the audience experience.

“In recent years, several MLB players have come out of Stetson University, so the stadium has been getting a lot of attention,” Conerly said. “It was time to put the attention on the audience”.

Entertainment Arts Inc [EAI] was responsible for the design and installation of the new sound system at Melching Field at Conrad Park. The main focus was to provide high-quality audio coverage on the field with precision control.

To achieve this, EAI utilised Fulcrum Acoustic's CX826-WR compact coaxial loudspeakers on smaller poles, GX1226-WR coaxial loudspeakers on the main press box, and FH1596-WR full-range coaxial horn loudspeakers for field coverage. The FH1596-WR was selected for its projection and pattern control to deliver exceptional sound quality.

It was time to put the attention on the audience.

“We wanted to offer them something where they could say we have the same system as a notable NFL practice field or MLB stadium,” Conerly added. “I showed them other sports stadium projects that Fulcrum had done and said, ‘That’s the calibre of what we bought.’”

To support the new sound system, EAI installed three new Apex amplifiers, including two CloudPower1504s 4 x 1500W and one CloudPower354 4 x 350W. EAI ensured that the audio console could be controlled on the field via iPad by installing wireless control connectivity. The new sound system was also configured with various zones, and customised presets were created for special events.

“It sounds amazing,” said Conerly. “The director of the City of Deland Parks and Recreation was delighted. At the first practice, everyone was ecstatic with the installation and how it’s working.”