Sonnox Launches Summer Half Price Sale

  • sonnox summer sale.jpg

The Sonnox summer half price sale starts on Monday June 1 and ends on Monday July 6, offering 50% off across almost the entire range.

This will be the first opportunity – since its launch last October – to pick up the Oxford Drum Gate at such a discount.

The 50% discount applies to purchases of single plugins and any Sonnox bundle of two or more plugins.

The codec toolbox and GML Option are not included in this sale, and the discount only applies to full products and Native to HDX crossgrades (but not to upgrades or exchanges). The sale discount cannot be combined with any other discount, such as education pricing.

An iLok account and active internet connection is required to use iLok Cloud authorisation (an iLok2/3 device is required for authorisation of Fraunhofer ProCodec, Restore and Live bundles). Qualifying plugins must be registered to a single iLok account.