SA Recordings Debuts Sample Libraries Offering With Alev Lenz’s ‘3’

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Spitfire Audio’s new label, SA Recordings is the first label to produce sample libraries with albums, following the announcement of the creation of the label earlier this year.

The first release on SA Recordings is 3 by Alev Lenz – the first example of the way in which SA Recordings and Spitfire Audio are enhancing the album and having a creative, interactive element incorporating the artist’s vision. This is the first time a label will produce sample libraries in conjunction with an album release, making it a truly interactive release for audiences and composers alike.

Working closely with Lenz at every stage, Spitfire Audio presents an exclusive library featuring 20 original patches made up of Alev’s main compositional tools – her voice, piano and experimental electronics. The library features a collection of Alev's most distinctive sounds that have been playfully unravelled, stretched and morphed for optimum fun and creativity.

As a songwriter Lenz has forged a distinctive, other-worldly and often eerie sonic landscape, leading to her songs finding placement in acclaimed dystopian Netflix dramas Black Mirror and Dark.

The album, 3 is an exploration of empowerment and invites the listener in to her world with candour and resilience. Through 12 - almost completely acapella - songs the German-Turkish composer and producer explores both the personal and the political in her quest to better understand the breakdown of a relationship and the patriarchal constructs that still hold us captive.

The 3 sample library features an interactive album element as well as unique sounds inspired by Lenz’s work as a composer. This is the first in a series of products tied in with Spitfire Audio’s album releases, focused on releasing artist-led libraries for music fans and music makers to create with. The bundle features the sample library, a limited edition 12-inch gatefold vinyl and digital download.

“We’re taking the best of what Spitfire do with sample libraries, and combining it with the concept of a label,” said Harriet Pittard, label manager for SA Recordings. “When we sign and work with artists, not only are we developing them as recording artists and releasing their vinyl and merch, but we’re also developing sample libraries in conjunction with their releases."

Where Lenz’s previous two LPs have explored a wider sonic palette from European classical to experimental electronics, 3 moves into more barren terrain. Lenz’s voice, intentionally distilled and extracted, is the focal point of the record along with her song writing which is enhanced in selected songs by Grammy-award winning vocal ensemble Roomful of Teeth.

Lenz will release her third album 3 on September 27th 2019 via SA Recordings (Bespoke 12” & Digital Formats).

Photo credit: Lee Kirby.