Universal Audio Luna Update Brings Native Apple Silicon Support

Universal Audio has released Luna v1.2.12, which includes native Apple Silicon support.

Designed for seamless integration with Apollo audio interfaces, Luna is a free Mac‑based recording application that facilitates music recording, audio editing, composition, sound design, and more – all in real time, and with an analogue studio sound.

Also new for Luna v1.2.12 software (for Thunderbolt-equipped Macs) is an audio quantize function, MCU control surface support and sidechain input.

As of now, Luna, Luna Extensions and UAD Instruments run natively on Apple M1/M2 processors, although UAD Instruments (Shape Expansion and Spitfire Audio) require updates for native Apple silicon.

Also new is an improved system performance when importing or editing large amounts of MIDI data, while double-clicking the loop region in the loop ruler now toggles loop mode.

Bugs that have been resolved in v1.2.12 comprise: