Universal Audio unveils new Volt 476P and Volt 4 USB audio interfaces

Universal Audio has lifted the lid on two brand new USB audio interfaces in the form of the Volt 476P and the Volt 4.

Now shipping worldwide, the new Universal Audio Volt 476P and Volt 4 USB audio interfaces feature four-in/four-out audio connections with onboard tone shaping. Each interface also comes with 48v phantom power, direct monitoring for latency-free recording, an included suite of audio software and iPhone/iPad connectivity.

The Volt 476P and Volt 4 is designed for creative collaborators and bands looking to easily record larger audio projects with high quality studio sound, with the Volt 476P marking Universal Audio’s first Volt model to feature analogue preamps and 76 Compressor and Vintage Mic Preamp modes on every input channel.

Furthermore, with expanded outputs for headphones, speakers and outboard gear, the Volt 476P also boasts strong metal construction and retro wood sides.

All of Universal Audio’s Volt interfaces come complete with Vintage Mic Preamp mode, inspired by the mic/line preamp in the company’s 610 tube console.

Volt 76 models also feature a built-in 76 Compressor. This analogue circuitry is based on Universal Audio’s 1176 and offers users simple presets designed to add clarity and punch t vocals, guitar and other sources.

In addition to a suite of audio software, including Ableton, Melodyne, UJAM’s Virtual Drummer, Marshall, Ampeg and more, all Volt interfaces include a 30-day free trial to UAD Spark – the company’s subscription plugin service.