Installed Audio

Void Acoustics unveils array of new products at ISE 2023

Void Acoustics has launched a flurry if brand new products at the ISE 2023 show in Barcelona.

Leading the line of new products is the Arclite - a high-powered, arrayable point source loudspeaker specifically designed for the touring market. It is designed for pairing with the Arcline 218 and Arcline 118 subwoofers and offers scalability with maximum output and coherence, delivering a true point source alternative to the Arcline 8.

The Arclite is tailored for audio integrators and sound engineers and has ben built to guarantee predictable behaviour even in the most demanding applications. Dispersion and sound pressure levels can be configured precisely to fit any application. Arclite’s design also offers full summation up to 20kHz with no destructive interference, regardless of the number of enclosures incorporated in either a horizontal or vertical array.

For the installation market, the new Air 15 is an IP-rated reflex-loaded 15” fibreglass subwoofer, complementing mid-high enclosures from both the Air and Cyclone series. Its large-scale output allows fully formed systems to be achieved in any environment.

Air 15’s non-resonant fibreglass enclosure contributes to its SPL and low frequency extension capabilities. Key features include an IP-55 rating made possible by ‘ingress proof vent technology’ and UV-resilient paint, allowing Air 15 to perform in both internal and external spaces requiring comprehensive coverage.

Meanwhile, Void Acoustics has introduced a trio of new products to serve commercial and high-end residential projects.

The Cyclone 208 is a double 8” subwoofer addition to the IP-55 rated Cyclone series and is suited to residential and commercial environments. Described by the team as ‘the visual gem’, its compact nature allows installation in listening environments where floor space is premium and for those desiring the highest levels of fidelity.

This is complemented by the launch of the Venu 208i subwoofer – a cost effective ultra-compact, self-powered double 8” addition to the Venu V2 Series. The Venu 208i can power up to four mid-high enclosures, including Void Acoustics’ signature Cyclone 4, Cyclone 55 and Indigo 6 loudspeakers. It also benefits from built-in DSP for loudspeaker control and advanced signal processing capabilities, accessible via the rear ethernet port. The Venu 208i is particularly suited to small venues such as cocktail bars, restaurants, and residential spaces; as well as medium-sized venues seeking a system to provide background audio.

Completing the trio is a brand new, stand-alone amplifier called the Inca 500 – a suitable product for space-saving, energy-efficient integration into commercial and residential projects including hospitality and hotel applications. It is a half rack width, 1U format power amplifier that can drive both conventional low impedance loudspeakers and high impedance transformer coupled loudspeakers. The Inca 500 also features an inbuilt preset library and it can be driven from a smart phone or computer for ease of control.

The last of Void Acoustics’s ISE launches is a highly specified four-channel amplifier to join the Bias Series – the Bias Q1.5. As with the entire Bias Series, the Bias Q1.5 embraces intelligent technology with a micro-processor-controlled power supply. With an output power of four x 600 W, Bias Q1.5 has entered the amplifier range as a solution for projects with a power requirement between the Bias Q1 and the Bias Q2. It also features built-in Power Factor correction as well as Powersoft’s patented Smart Rails Management technology. It is suited to multiple background and foreground music applications, including beach bars, hotels, fitness, restaurants, nightclubs, retail and marine.