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Warner Chappell and BandLab team up to sign new singer songwriters

Warner Chappell Music (WCM) has entered a new partnership with ReverbNation, the premium artist services platform of BandLab Technologies, designed to bring music publishing services to ReverbNation’s songwriters, artists, and digital creators.

As part of the deal, WCM will take on the role of administering the music rights for all ReverbNation creators who sign up for the new ReverbNation Publishing Administration programme. Additionally, WCM and ReverbNation will work together to identify and sign top-performing singer-songwriters across the ReverbNation platform through a new joint venture. Songwriters jointly signed to WCM and ReverbNation will have access to WCM’s full suite of offerings, including the opportunity to work with its A&R, Sync, and Creative Services teams, allowing them to capitalize on new avenues for their songs and careers.

Guy Moot, co-chair and CEO, WCM, said: “Songwriters and artists are now being discovered through a multitude of different digital platforms, in what I call the ‘new songwriter economy.’ Joining forces with BandLab Technologies allows us to tap into the incredible creator community that they’ve built and help support and amplify the voices of promising, up-and-coming talent. Meng (BandLab Technologies CEO and Co-Founder) is an exceptional entrepreneur with a vision for the future of music that aligns well with ours, and we’re looking forward to a long and successful partnership together.”

Meng Ru Kuok, CEO and co-founder, BandLab Technologies, added: “By joining forces with Warner Chappell Music, we'll open new doors for the ReverbNation community, creating even more opportunities for artistic growth. This partnership not only unlocks additional potential avenues for artistic development and innovation, it also bridges the gap between emerging talents and established industry platforms, allowing a new generation of artists to find their voice and place in a continuously adapting and expanding landscape.”

Michael LoBiondo, head of business development, WCM, also commented: “BandLab Technologies is at the forefront of the ever-evolving music creator ecosystem. We are pleased to partner with such a future-focused company and provide the tools for ReverbNation songwriters to monetize their works globally.”