WeJam Launches new immersive music experience in London

An innovative, new gamified social experience called WeJam has launched in London, designed to put guests centre stage in the world’s first, immersive recording studio where anybody can be a rock star with real instruments.

The WeJam experience begins when guests step off the busy Chalk Farm Road and into a room packed with guitars and basses, before heading downstairs where a secret door - disguised as a Marshall amp - leads into a fully equipped recording studio.

And just like thousands of bands before them, friends gather in this soundproofed basement to throw down their finest recordings and find out if they’ve got what it takes to become the next Rolling Stones.

The ‘roadie’ will guide guests through the process, using cutting edge technology to democratise the music experience, ensuring friends of all abilities can come together to record their favourite hits on drums, keyboard/synths, keytar or mic.

Each instrument's difficulty level can be dialled up according to its player; those with less musical prowess can be assisted by a colour coded system, showing which note they need to play, and when to play it. And as they improve, more complicated note or beat combinations are unlocked.

Experienced musicians can play in ‘freestyle’ mode, where all computer assistance is switched off, leaving them free to shred to their heart’s content.

For the full, rockstar experience, players can order backstage treats inspired by real-life riders, from Britney’s framed Princess Di photo and Deadmau5’s inflatable animals to Beyonce’s red loo roll and Snoop Dogg’s Strawberry Watermelon Hubba Bubbas.

WeJam represents an exciting, new addition to London’s growing list of ‘gamified experiences,’ but is the first to step into the music space.

Founder, David Tshulak said: “A few years back, I started to notice more and more competitive socialising ventures springing up all over the capital. From crazy golf bars, to escape rooms, and even axe throwing venues, something exciting was happening and I wanted to be a part of it.

“As a lifelong musician, I started to wonder how you might combine music with this new form of interactive entertainment. After a three month research trip to Tokyo, and much experimenting, the concept of WeJam was born!”

Tshulak brought with him nine years of experience working in the television industry on shows including Jools Holland, Strictly Come Dancing and music documentaries that resulted in days spent at the iconic Abbey Road studios. But it was a lifetime as a musician that guided him towards the idea of WeJam.

“I started playing saxophone at school and by 16 I was attending late night jam sessions in London, playing with top session musicians who were on tour with Prince, Stevie Wonder and other huge stars,” he explained. “I know the excitement of getting in a room with friends and making music together. I wanted to share that with other people - especially people who haven’t learnt to play an instrument.”

He went on to work for Lucky Voice karaoke and helped Boxpark to launch their crazy golf concept - and before long, the idea of fusing music with gaming began to take shape.

The WeJam team is passionate about sharing the positive experience of making music together, so 10% from every booking is donated to Be the Band – a not-for-profit that provides music workshops to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Described as a mix between Guitar Hero and karaoke, WeJam offers a glimpse into the world of recording studios and music, while still being accessible to all abilities - a perfect birthday celebration, team-building exercise or activity for a group of friends. And each session ends with a fully recorded track, giving groups a lasting reminder of their time at the WeJam studio.