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SoundOn Sessions presents Wes Nelson at The Pioneer Club: Tickets on sale now

On Thursday, November 16, UK artist Wes Nelson will perform a special SoundOn Sessions headline show at The Pioneer Club in St. Albans.

On what promises to be a spectacular evening of live music from some of the industry’s brightest talent, Nelson will headline the second SoundOn Session at the iconic Pioneer Club.

The result of an exciting new partnership between SoundOn and Headliner Spaces, the SoundOn Sessions are aimed squarely at championing the very best new artists and offering them a platform to showcase their talent at one of the UK’s premier grassroots venues and creative hubs.

The November 16 event will also feature performances from five of this year’s MOBO UnSung Class of 2023 artists in the form of Ace Clvrk, DEJA, Josh Barry, Young Athena, and Gabriel Sanches. Driven by SoundOn and TikTok, MOBO UnSung is a relatively new talent contest designed to shine a spotlight on new artists.

Having these kinds of platforms to perform live are vital for artists. NEONE the Wonderer

Last month’s SoundOn Session also focused heavily on the MOBO UnSung Class of 2023, featuring a whole host of top tier performances, which you can read about in full here.

“On November 16 I am going to be performing at The Pioneer Club in St. Albans and this one going to be a special one,” said Nelson of the upcoming show. Tickets for the event are available here.

Performers from the inaugural SoundOn Session have already been hailing the initiative as not only a huge success, but as a vital platform for their artistic evolution.

“Evenings like [SoundOn Sessions] are so incredibly important for artists,” said NEONE the Wonderer. “Having these kinds of platforms to perform live are vital for artists, because they can be the thing that dictates their journey. They could be that key factor in what allows them to grow and evolve as an artist.

“Also, nights like this can inspire everyone. It can inspire everyone who gets to witness and experience it, whether you are an artist performing, an audience member, or another artist in the room being inspired by what you’re seeing. They’re just so important.”

R&B singer Bea Anderson also paid tribute to the SoundOn service and the pivotal role of TikTok in reaching an audience.

"I've had the phenomenal opportunity of using SoundOn for the live version of my lead single, which is great,” she said. “When I first released music, I wasn't on TikTok, and then it boomed and everyone was using it to propel themselves into the industry,” she continued. “It really made me pivot my entire campaign. It's really important to understand how music is being consumed. At the moment, it is mainly TikTok, so you have to be on it, you have to use it, you have to utilise the platform to help you push your music.”

TikTok has a big influence in the music space. Melica

TikTok has a big influence in the music space,” added UK singer Melica. “I heard that Billboard is incorporating TikTok into their data. I think any artist would be – I don't want to say silly – but to not take that into consideration for your marketing campaign…well, I would advise you to take it into consideration! TikTok is a platform that I'm trying to consume myself within; it’s definitely my friend.”

SoundOn is TikTok’s all-in-one platform for global music distribution as well as TikTok music marketing. It provides creators with the opportunity to distribute their work on TikTok and all major streaming services, maintaining complete ownership and receiving artist-friendly royalties free from administration fees.

What’s more, the SoundOn platform serves up a range of features to promote their new releases with TikTok’s creator marketing, meaning they are able to meaningfully grow their reach to a wider audience.

In a recent interview with Headliner, TikTok head of artist services UK, Nichal Sethi, about the full spectrum of benefits the SoundOn platform offers to artists. You can read the interview in full here.