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Yamaha Music London and Headliner announce emerging artist ambassador search

In partnership with Yamaha Music London, Headliner is offering an exciting opportunity for emerging solo artists and duos in the UK whereby three winners will become the 2024 ambassadors for Yamaha’s unique flagship UK store in London.

The winning artists will get to kickstart their music careers by representing a truly world-class destination for musicians of all abilities and ages.

The ambassadorship will provide the winning emerging artists with access to Yamaha's extensive collection of award-winning instruments for a year, the chance to perform at some of London's best venues (including Yamaha's Soho-based music store) and receive exclusive mentorship in developing their future success as artists.

The three winners will also benefit from a professional recording session at Headliner HQ's studio, an appearance on the Headliner Radio music podcast, an editorial profile in Headliner, three months of PR support, mentoring sessions, and social media support via shares across Yamaha Music London and Headliner’s social media pages.

A shortlist will be invited to perform at a live music showcase across two semi-finals (held on 23 November and 30 November), leading towards the final in front of Headliner music industry judges at Yamaha Music London, Soho London on 7 December.

"We are delighted to be partnering with Headliner for a second successful year in our search for new and emerging London-based musicians to become Yamaha Music London ambassadors,” commented Stephen Davies, Yamaha Music London Manager.

“This is an exciting partnership! As the world's greatest music instrument manufacturer, Yamaha offers award-winning instruments, global expertise and the very latest in music technology combined with Headliner's wealth of industry knowledge and second to none music business contacts. The ambassadorship is an incredible prize for an emerging artist to win.

“We are so proud of our current ambassadors – Bertie, Beth Keeping and Nina Fine – who have been amazing,” Stephen added. “They have had some incredible experiences and have done an exceptional job whilst representing our iconic store. It's time to pass the baton onto the next music ambassadors and set them on the track to success!"

Indie/pop artist Bertie, pop artist Beth Keeping and soulful UK singer-songwriter (and co-founder of Women in Jazz) Nina Fine were announced as the 2023 ambassadors for Yamaha Music London.

“As independent artists, we're so used to being sold a dream and then you get there and it's just not what they said. What was so funny about this was it was the complete opposite – what was advertised was brilliant and you got there and it exceeded all expectations,” said Bertie.

“I don't think that you can put a limit on how important and special this is. Being an emerging or an independent artist in the early stages of your career is difficult for such a range of reasons, so when someone gives you support and space to express yourself in such a genuine way, it is transformative. To be working with a brand who produces the most beautiful instruments and then also back that up with such a kind, welcoming, warm and genuine love of music is so nice. When you have that support, that pushes you further than anything, and you can't really put a number on that.”

“I'm so grateful to Yamaha and Headliner for this opportunity, because I've grown as an artist over the last year through doing live shows and through social media, and I've gained some new fans, but actually, gaining the attention of industry is a whole other ballgame, and it's actually really hard sometimes,” added Beth. "It’s a real privilege to have this opportunity and to open some doors that maybe were closed to me before.”

“I grew up with a Yamaha piano, so Yamaha instruments have been a big part of my life,” said Nina. “So that was incredibly moving when they told me that I was going to be one of the ambassadors; that felt so exciting to be supported by organisations and communities – it really matters and you feel this external belief. It's been a really special experience.”

The competition is open to everyone aged 18 and above.

Enter here to become Yamaha Music London’s next ambassador.

Click here for details on attending the semi finals, including to reserve (free) seats in advance.

To attend the final on December 7th for free, reserve your ticket here.